Quantum Effect

What is the Quantum Effect?

The Quantum Effect is essentially the same as the Mandela Effect with one major difference. The name Mandela Effect is the name given to a phenomenon dealing with changes in reality. This name was first coined by the paranormal investigator Fiona Broome. She first discovered that there was a large amount of people who remembered, in great detail Nelson Mandela dying in a South African prison in the late 1980s while another large group remember him being released and going on to be the President of South Africa and dying in 2013.

As people started to investigate this “Mandela Effect”, it was found that many, many more things, in reality, have been altered than just the Nelson Mandela case. These changes have happened in movies, music, products, company and company names. The phenomenon has affected land masses and continents.

The list goes on Infinitum to even include changes (a vast amount and growing) to the Bible. This started out and was mainly in the King James Version, but has begun to affect all Bible versions. By naming this phenomenon after Nelson Mandela, a few things happened.

The first is that the Effect was given a name that refers to an Effect Result rather than the Effect Reason. Secondly, by naming it after a result with no further investigation, it has opened the door to a multitude of theories and explanations based on ideas and conjecture. The third problem that has arisen from this is that because of Fiona Broome herself, and her profession, many people completely disregard everything and debunk it based on these issues alone.

This has caused several problems, especially when dealing with the Christian community. The name Quantum Effect came about due to certain individuals that were not satisfied with what was happening due the reasons explained above and needed a more concrete explanation based on science rather than science fiction and imagination. As we did thorough research and investigation, the reasoning as to the HOW this is occurring became clear. What we have found is that through the sciences of quantum mechanics, quantum theory, string theory, and particle physics the creation of the D-Wave X2 Quantum Computer was born.

These are not your typical computers and there are videos linked to this site to better explain them. What these computers do in conjunction with CERN is alter matter on a subatomic level in both direction and time. As particles in the subatomic have an infinite number of event outcomes for one event, these Artificially Intelligent Machines can change an event outcome in the particle world to whichever event outcome they so choose. Due to what is called particle entanglement (all particles are connected), when an exponential number of particles are changed, this entanglement causes a vast and once again an exponential number of more particles to react to the same event outcome.

To further this, as this number of particles that have been changed is so large, it then affects the macro world.i.e. it changes our reality. Not ALL particles are affected though and this can be referred to as the Recessive or Dominant. Due to these particles not being altered, certain things do not change. In some cases, it is just the memory of a large amount of people pertaining to a certain event. Actual physical traces can be found of the original event outcome.

This in effect allows for both realities to exist at the same time; one Dominant and the other Recessive. Therefore, based on the science that is behind what is happening, the name Quantum Effect was created. This name does a few things: first, it reduces the number of possible reasons for these changes from many to ONE. The next thing it does; is that it better names it after the reason behind the HOW rather than another event in a chain of many. Thirdly, it divorces the Effect from Fiona Broome and the ideas that it is a farce or witchcraft per se, by Christians who refuse to believe it is happening through ignorance and misunderstanding.

We are not saying it is a good thing in any way, shape, or form. Yes, it is demonic. Yes, it is Fallen Angel technology. Yes, it is meant for evil and the Last Days, but none of these prior stated things deny that it is real but rather solidify it.

For more information please watch our YouTube playlist regarding the Mandela Effect and Scripture.