Christians Heading Home


This Ministry is a Sanctuary to Restore, Heal, Strengthen, Equip & Empower people
through fellowship with other Believers as Christians heading home in these End Times.


Our mission here is to fulfill the commission that Jesus Christ gave to his followers
to go into the world and make disciples of all people.
Our purpose is to bring the lost to Jesus Christ,
and to build up and encourage those who are already believers.

The Lord has had our paths crossed and hopefully, you will find this site comforting and of great value, whether a new Believer or one of God’s seasoned soldiers. God proclaims what we have, and are, in Jesus Christ. We are all learning here and nobody has arrived at perfection yet. We strongly urge you to find a Bible teaching Church so you can fellowship face to face with other Believers on a regular basis, and reach out to people where they are and Transform their lives by the Power of God’s Living Word.

Let us project the unfailing POWER of God’s Love AT ALL TIMES. For we know, that when the Living Word of God is sown in Love it shall not return void but accomplishes what He pleases, prospering in the thing for which it was sent. So take NO OFFENSE, for offense is the snare of the devil for capturing us to do his will. Be quick to forgive and PURSUE peace to glorify God on this site, covering a multitude of sin with God’s Love. For where sin abounds, doesn’t GRACE abound much more? And who knows if you’ve been called into the kingdom for such a time as this in order to turn a scoffer’s heart towards God!


Changes are being made to our reality, most importantly to God’s written Word.

See the Scriptures section for KJV Bible changes.

We call these changes the Quantum Effect, and believe they may be somehow linked to CERN.

This site is dedicated to all biblical discussion relating to End Times, and Christians heading home.

Praise Jesus!